Reports and Reference Lists

Below are reports and reference lists helpful to IT industry marketers, and some for marketers in general. These articles have been developed over a number of years, so while most of the information is germane today, articles that reference statistics may not longer be accurate. If you have questions regarding this type of content please give us a call.

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Detailed Market Segmentation Tutorial Report
Explores a variety of market segmentation issues as they specifically apply to the IT marketplace. Includes various market statistics and formulas for converting conventional size characteristics to IT specific size characteristics.
Download Understanding IT Market Characteristics: Market Identification and
Segmentation Techniques for Today’s Informed Marketing and Sales Professional

Defining the Data Center Market and Data Center Market Size
Covers a demographic approach for locating enterprise organizations with a need for data center related products and services. The data center market has evolved dramatically in recent years. See the additional article on colocation below in this list. Our principal, Alan Howard, is also currently involved in data center market consulting for many firms.
Download Data Center Market Report

Channel Marketing: Helping Channel Partners Understand IT Markets
Describes three concepts that channel managers should introduce to their partners to broaden their perspective and understanding regarding the importance of defining their most optimal target market.
Download Channel Marketing Report

Identifying IT Markets and Market Size by Number of Servers
Reports on a technique for estimating the number of servers to help identify markets and shows how many organizations fit those size characteristics. The technique described in this article is still a valuable perspective, however the statistical conversion data is no longer accurate, and the market has become more complex.
Download Server Market Report

Marketing Live Local Seminars for the IT Market
A live seminar isn’t just about getting attendees, it is a marketing campaign to all the prospects from the beginning, whether they attend or not. This article describes the various characteristics of a marketing strategy to promote seminars.
Download Seminar Marketing Report

Storage Marketing Report
This report shows how to compute the IT budget size required to afford a storage solution at a particular price point, as well as how to use IT size characteristics to target storage markets. The methods can easily be used for other IT related products or services as well.
Download Storage Marketing: Identifying More Productive Target Markets.

Indentifying Information Technology Markets:
A Reference to Demographic Characteristics for Information Technology Market Planners

Includes important market details about the IT market based on five key demographic characteristics. This information can help more accurately identify and target markets, better understand market segments, and assist with your market coverage strategy.
Download Demographic Statistics Report Now

Market Opportunities for Colocation and Server Hosting Providers
This report shows an approach to estimating market size, in terms of the number of companies or potential clients, based on an estimated number of servers. The colocation and hosting market has seen dramatic changes in recent years. For current information on these markets please contact Alan Howard.
Download Colocation/Server Hosting Market Report Now

Inside IT Departments Report
Survey report that presents a comparison of organization size to various IT infrastructure and operations characteristics. Fifteen different characteristics are reported by four size measures.
Download Inside IT Departments: Comparing Organization
Size to IT Usage and Infrastructure Characteristics

IT Opportunities in the Banking Market
Many clients are surprised to find that although the IT banking market
overall is rather large, there are surprisingly few large banks. This report reveals the number of banking opportunities by bank size.
Download IT Opportunities in the Banking Market

One Secret About IT Market Coverage Could Increase Your Number of IT Sales Leads by 25%
Describes the importance of understanding database “rate of data fill” and how to apply the concept to IT market segmentation activities.
Download Increase IT Sales Leads Article

The Fortune 1000: Targeting IT Organizations of Statistically Equivalent Size
This report shows the market size of organizations that have a similar IT budget
as that of the Fortune 1000.
Download Fortune 1000 Equivalent Segmentation Information

Zip Code Reference List for U.S. and Canada
Zip codes by state/province and metro areas.
Download Zip Code Reference List

Detailed Industry Classification List for the Directory
Our custom designed industry classification list for the IT industry.
Download Industry Classification List

Detailed SIC Code Reference List
A complete list of SIC codes to the 4-digit level.
Download Detailed SIC Code List