Price Summary

Database, Telemarketing/Mail List, and PDF Format Book Prices are below. A database or mailing/telemarketing list can be created using any combination of geographic area, industry classification, number of PCs, number of IT employees, type of systems or operating systems used, organization size, and other characteristics. There is no additional charge for creating more complex multi-faceted databases.

Unlimited Use Database:
There is a minimum order of 1,000 sites. Each record includes all data tracked.
Prices are tiered:
Up to 2,500 contacts – $.85 per contact.
2,501-4,999 contacts – $.75 per contact.
5,000 + contacts – $.60 per contact.
Contacts with email addresses are $.95 each.

One-time Use Telemarketing/Mailing List:
Minimum order of 3,000 names.
Telemarketing lists are $260 per thousand names.
Mailing lists for U.S. Postal Service mailings are $250 per thousand names.
A combined telemarketing and mailing list is $300 per thousand names.
There is no additional charge for special selections.

PDF Format Book Prices
The Directory of Top Computer Executives is published in a PDF book format in late Fall of each year.
Eastern U.S. Edition – includes Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and all other states east of those states.

Western U.S. Edition – includes Michigan, Indiana, Arkansas, Louisiana, and all other states west of those states.

Canada Edition – includes all provinces in the entire country of Canada.


Number of Editions Single Copy
Current Issue Only
1 Edition Eastern U.S. or Western U.S.or Canada. $345
2 Editions East and West or East and Canada or West and Canada. $620
3 Editions East and West and Canada. $925

Shipping and Delivery:

  • Data is emailed to clients.
  • Contact us for more options by calling 602-885-5311.