About ACR

Thank you for visiting IT Market Intelligence, formerly Applied Computer Research, Inc.

We have been in the technical publishing industry since 1972, and has operated in Phoenix, Arizona for over 35 years. Our core business today is publishing the Directory of Top Computer Executives database of IT executives. The Directory database has been key to the growth and success for thousands of businesses since 1972.

What makes us a distinct advantage for marketers is our long and extensive experience in the IT industry. By understanding the technology and markets, clients can count on us to participate in the process of identifying the most productive market segments.

Our first publication was a bibliography to computing literature called the Quarterly Bibliography to Computers and Data Processing, later named Computer Literature Index. The Index was published for 32 years, then sold to an online publisher in 2003.

Over the years ACR and its affiliate, the Institute for Computer Capacity Management (ICCM: the ICCM was sold to an industry consultancy in 1998), have produced a wide variety of technical publications and events. Below is a list of services previously offered.


  • Managing System Development
  • Strategic Systems
  • Capacity Management Review
  • SourceFile
  • SoftWatch

Reference Books

  • Computer Literature Index
  • Strategic Knowledge Management
  • The Software Engineers Benchmark Handbook
  • The Complete Year 2000 Resource Guide
  • IS Performance/Capacity Management Handbook
  • Guide to Software Productivity Aids
  • Management Control of EDP Performance

Additional Products

  • Conference on Managing Software Development
  • Conference on Performance Management and Capacity Planning
  • Numerous seminars on Software Development Management
  • Numerous seminars on Capacity Management
  • Capacity Planning Simplified Software