IT Market Intelligence, P.O. Box 84282 Phoenix, AZ 85071 602-885-5311 (formerly Applied Computer Research). is the web site home of the Directory of Top Computer Executives database. For over 30 years the Directory database has tracked the most influential Data Centers and Information Technology department CIOs and executives in the United States and Canada. IT Sales leads, IT marketing lists, and IT email lists are delivered directly to clients in a variety of formats.

Directory of Computer Executives

The Directory of Top Computer Executives has been produced for 30 years.

Targeted Data is THE Key

Whether you need IT sales leads, a simple mailing list, telemarketing list, email list, or a complicated combination, ACR is the source for information technology executives.

Unlimited Use Database for You!

Unlimited use databases include all the information tracked by the Directory of Top Computer Executives, and can be used by all employees of an organization–there are not additional per seat charges...

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Directory of Top Computer Executives

Current Postal/Phone Coverage

34,000 U.S. and Canada Sites
63,500 Total IT Execs
34,000 CIOs & Top IT Execs
8,000 Data Center/Operations Mgrs
6,600 Software Development Mgrs
5,500 Network/Data Comm Mgrs
2,700 Technical Support Managers
2,800 End-User/PC Mgrs
3,700 Additional Technical IT Mgrs

Directory of Top Computer Executives

Current Email Address Coverage

24,500 U.S. and Canada Sites
22,710 Total IT Execs
13,500 CIOs & Top IT Execs
3,000 Data Center/Operations Mgrs
2,500 Software Development Mgrs
2,100 Network/Data Comm Mgrs
1,000 Technical Support Managers
1,000 End-User/PC Mgrs
1,400 Additional Technical IT Mgrs

IT Market Coverage

Information technology spending is not just a function of gross revenue or total employment, but rather a combination of factors including vertical market and organization culture. A $250 million financial services company, for example, will spend far more on IT than a $500 million manufacturing company. We understand these important IT market facts, and uses IT specific demographic characteristics to be sure you have solid market coverage and don't miss those important prospects. 

IT Market Intelligence (formerly ACR) has published the Directory of Top Computer Executives for 30 years. All data is collected by the ACR research staff, and not supplemented from outside sources you may already be using. Unlike other data sources, We offer lower minimum order quantities, unlimited use databases, email addresses, and deliver data directly to clients. Whether you need IT sales leads, a simple mailing list, telemarketing list, email list, or a complicated combination, we are the source for information technology executives.

Are You Looking for Information Technology 
Sales Leads in a General Business Database?

Information technology marketing executives should know these simple truths about IT sales leads, information technology telemarketing, email, or direct mail lists:

1. General business databases do not track IT installations, they track business locations. The IT department, for larger organizations in particular, is often in a location other than corporate headquarters, and companies with multiple data centers often have many more business locations.

2. A market coverage strategy should include targeting the right organizations, but also the right contacts as well. General business databases have sparse coverage of information technology executives.

3. Organization size is typically a poor way to target markets for IT products. In most cases IT vendors need to target their market based on the size of the IT organization or the size of the IT user community. Knowing the types of systems or operating systems is also often useful. General business data sources can not segment data in this way.

IT Market Intelligence can build you a sample Directory of Top Computer Executives sample database to test the effectiveness of our target market capabilities, and show you the exact accuracy of our data.